Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Augusta Inge

My story is hospitality.

I am Augusta Inge. In April 1862, Confederate General Albert Sidney Johnston made his headquarters in my home, Rose Cottage. I was so happy to have the leader of the Confederate Army at my house as a guest! On the day the Army left for Shiloh, I gave the General a lunch for the journey. He refused it saying that he, like his soldiers, traveled light. I slipped two sandwiches and a piece of cake in his pocket anyway. When I heard the horrifying news from Shiloh that General Johnston had been killed, my heart just ached. They brought his body back to my house for preparation for the last journey home. In his pocket, I found crumbs from the lunch I had prepared. Perhaps it was his last meal. I took the liberty of taking three locks of his hair from his head (one of which I sent to his widow) before they placed his body in one of the white pine coffins that he had ordered before leaving the City for Shiloh.

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Vicki Roach said...

Augusta Evans Inge is buried in the Henry Cemetery in Corinth. He was born in South Carolina May 4, 1832 and died March 31, 1925.